close[t] demonstrations: an exhibition on the multitudes of queer in_visibility


artists: Вішня Вішня, Pêdra Costa, Adiba, Marina Leo Shamov, Bendix Mignon, Naomi Frisson, Amaqhawekazi Emafini Malamlela, Marta Orlando and Clémentine Roy, Jasemin Anika Khaleli, Animal Bro, İlhak Altıparmak, ReSew collective, Sophia Yuet See, grouping sil’ collective, Naomi Rincón Gallardo, Masha Godovannaya, Ruthia Jenrbekova

exhibition at Semmelweisklinik Centre for Arts and Culture, 2023 

opacity. solidarity. desire. pleasure. resistance. agency. coming out. staying in. liminalities. uncovering. rituals. spirituality. accessibility. multilinguality. care. decolonial practices. necropolitics. polyamory. reclaiming. trauma. dis_ability. poverty. bodies. transition. memory. breathing. becoming-animal. cruising. queer gaze.


supported by:

  • basis.kultur (shift v),
  • the university of vienna (gender: ambivalent in_visibilities),
  • the austrian science fund (the magic closet and the dream machine),
  • rosa-luxemburg-stiftung, germany
  • academy of fine arts, vienna
  • university of applied arts, vienna
  • gender research office, university of vienna
  • student union, university of vienna
  • culture and equality, university of vienna
  • equal opportunities working party, university of vienna