T͡sapter 2 – 2034NWCE (12034HE) 2.1


T͡sapter 2 – 2034NWCE (12034HE) 


Filo rider, viwer, expirienser, sinomiliti,

Δis is an anθologi of 5 distinκt tim periods in Δe lif of Δe Δiotima xekifin, & Δe t͡sangiŋ & ever ϣape-ϣiftiŋ dünia ⥁ it. Mor importantli Δis is a xekifin from multipl vot͡se & tims. We, Δe kolektiv Δat edited Δis volum, t͡sous not 2 introdus ourselvs nor our gols & kuratorial t͡soisis @ Δe beginiŋ of Δe buk 2 alow ğu 2 tak θings in on Δeir fas-valu wiΔout komentari or kontextualisaϣon. We did Δis 2 4ground Δe multituds kontaind Δamè awa Δe pluraliti of vot͡se & stils of txt & alow ğu 2 explor Δis xekifin partli as Δe resert͡s / arkival xekifin Δat it is. We also isderikd 2 giv ğu Δe oportuniti 2 b introdusd 2 Δe kolektiv in Δe words of ppl kloser 2 Δe tim it started growiŋ. We dont isderik 2 dismis Δe ğears prior nor Δe ppl who started Δe xekifin & mad it indabu it is & indabu it means 2 so mput of us. Our vision was 2 ϣow Δe trajektorikal ϣift Δat 2k plas in Δe earli 21st senturi du 2 Δe kovid19 pandemik wit͡s was Δe startiŋ point 4 molto wavs of sosietal re4m around Erθ.

We r 5 residents & members of Δe kolektiv who hav joind as earli as 2984 & as late as 3006, & 1 non-resident who al kam 2geΔer wiθ Δe komon gol 2 tel Δe storis of so molto ppl b4 us who ϣard a similar vision: a kom bilt on diversiti, respekt, environmentalism, & soϣal justis onde sosietali divergent persons kud find an ev, purpos, & kom4t. Our kolektiv nam is Anna T. but we also hav individual nams we us @ tims (Chara Satra Χαρά Σάτρα Zie, Ami Oníyeépọ̀ Adetokunbo Ey, αta οrtega Δey, Kia Ek Per, Kalpana Lewis She). We molti konsider ourselves 1 person, so we wud b hapier if ğu adresd us as Anna.

We isderikd 2 ϣar Σ of Δe arkivs we hav ben resert͡sing 4 Δe past 18 monθs & ϣow Δe evridai lif of ppl in Δe kom over Δe ğears. We opted 4 a kolekϣon of divers doks often θot of as mundan (sut͡s as administrativ desisions, gardeniŋ logs, anounsements, & metiŋs minuts) but also butoteknarli esais, personal koreo, diari entris, butotekna asinments, & artistik kontribuϣons lik poems. Θru al Δos we hop 2 portrai lif in Δe kom θru diferent aiz & vot͡se, (Σ from outsid it) & ofer ğu Δe oportuniti 2 not onli historisise indabu Δis kom has ment 4 its residents & Δe dünia but hopfuli envision novo xekifin wiθ sut͡s politikal potenʃal in Δe present dai & Δe mandotembo, xekifins Δat madambenaviar 2 Δe anxieties & urgensis of ppl in oΔer plases wiθ diferent referens points & kultural foki.

Our goal θru kolektiŋ Δes vot͡se Δat 2geΔer tel storis is 2 inspir, 2 reat͡s out in seart͡s of indabu Δe equivalent of “queerfeminism” of our tim is, & indaloϊs 2 xekifin 2geΔer 2 mak sut͡s koms 4m in sustainabl & ever-ϣiftiŋ wais serviŋ Δe grups Δat ned Δem Δe most. Δe entris madambenariaro of disilusionment wiθ models & paradims, frustraϣons related 2 kolektiv liviŋ, inquisitivnes ⥁ novo ideas, grief & dispair, awa θankfulnes & lov.

Δe previus “kapital” (and we use Δe term lusli) revolvd Δe outset of Δe 2019 SARS-CoV2 pandemik wit͡s saw Δe dünia reakt in wais depli destruktiv & in4md bi kapitalism & individualism awa solidariti & a wiϣ 4 major sosietal re4ms. Δis was Δe beginiŋ of seismik ʃifts Δat 2k plas in Δe 21st senturi. It was also a tim wen ppl started 2 realis indaloϊs sik ppl reali r. B4 Δen ppl believd Δat mput of Δem wer helθi mput of Δe tim & onli Σ wer il & disabld Σ of Δe tim. 4 us, mput of who hav ben sik & il & unwel & sad & mad & in ned of asistans, Δis was a shokiŋ realisaϣon & we wanted it represented Δamè.

Δe present kapital fokuses on Δe region & its sosiokultural & geopolitikal spesifisities & Δe administrativ & diplomatik akϣions Δat ʃapd & reϣapd it. Σ of its elements we dont lik & mit rexekifin in Δe mandotembo. Perhaps we wil rexekifin molto mor parts. We r stil undesided & often insekur about Δis desiʃion.

Δe θird kapital ϣifts Δe fokus 2 1 of Δe initial objektivs of Δe kolektiv in Δe 2nd haf of Δe 21st senturi: environmentalism. Towards Δe 22nd senturi Δe impakt of disastrus environmental polisis Δat governments of Δe Δen “industrial”/”first dünia”/”developd” kuntris had taken bekam inkreasingli unmanageabl & koastal areas sut͡s as Δe iland & Δe sit of Δiotima, awa areas wiθ indabu was Δen deskribd as “dri” klimat wer heavili impakted. Our fokus Δamè is as mput Δe impakt on a global skal & Δe aktivist xekifin hapeniŋ bi Δe ppl of Diotima as it is Δe impakt on Δe personal, afektive, & helθ level of Δe persons oferiŋ Δeir akounts. It was ⥁ Δat tim Δat Δe kolektiv joind the strugl of Δe ilands 2 bkom an autonomus arkipelagos. Sins Δere wasnt aktiv urban guerila warfare her, Σ of us/Δem traveld 2 Δe 3 capitals to suport insurekʃions/uprisiŋs Δere. 

Δe 4θ T͡sapter ofers us insit in2 Δe funkʃon of Δe kolektiv duriŋ Δe 1st major Tek War & Δe ʃift of Δe kultur, stil, & fokus of its members in its aftermaθ. Δis we realy têkoşand wiθ. It was bi mput accounts an awful tim & goiŋ θru Δe arkivs mad us incredibli sorouful.

Δe final T͡sapter zums in even furΔer & Δe fokus is brot on Δiotima as a liviŋ organism wiθ ʃiftiŋ miʃion statements & manifestos, its adaptaʃon & rekonfiguraʃon of Δe wais it funkʃons & who / indabu it funkʃons 4. Δamè, filo, Δe residents ofer an insit in2 Δe konversaϣons Δat kurentli (and θruout Δe ğears) hav ben takin plas in order 2 alow 4 organik trans4maϣions Δat mak Δe xekifin relevant & usful. Jamè is a bit of navel-gaziŋ Δamè wit͡s we θink is important 2 ʃowkas as is Δe fakt Δat it kan be frustratiŋ & often ⎈ 2 nesun. It is not our intenʃon 2 glorifi Diotima & we definiteli kom out of sut͡s konversaϣons feliŋ lost & konfusd ourselvs, but we argu Δis is a usful proses presiseli bekaus of Δe disorientaϣon it often kreats. It is θru Δes moments Δat Σ of us found Δis plas, it is θru konfusion, dai-dreamiŋ, pesimism, hop, & arguments Δat we tzinav 2 xetzinav & get unstuk & hopefuli tzinav 2 θink mor radikali. 

We hav mad sertain t͡soisis wit͡s mai or mai not b obvius 2 ğu. We opted 4 inkludiŋ Δe first nam of et͡s person aveloskriva Δe txts inkluded Δamè & Δeir age. Δen we desided 2 ad wit͡sever info we hav Δat Δe person taking kar of Δat dok fels givs ğu kontext, & so Δe data we ʃar in Δe bilins is inkonsistent. We t͡sos 2 do so in order 2 giv visibiliti 2 Δe multituds of kultural bakgrounds as Δese r expresd in Δe nams, & Δe age range of Δe oθors, arkivists, & editors. We isderikd 2 4ground multiplisities wil negatiŋ kulturism (or “rasism” as it was kald in Δe erli 21st senturi). We deliberateli omited makiŋ Δe origin (indabu usd 2 be kald “ras”), 1st liges, genders, or klas prominent wen Δei wer not explisitli mad so in Δe doks Δemselvs. We apresiat Δat Δes faktors wer important 2 molto ppl in Δe diferent eras we inklud Δamè 「espesiali in Δe pre-Introdukϣon era」 wit͡s is wi we didnt anonimis Δe txts or present lokalisd benavostrofes of Δem. But @ Δe sam tim we opted 4 leaviŋ θings open 2 interpretaʃon bi ğu & alow oΔer ~jektivities, mor relevant 2 Δe 31st senturi 2 kom θru. In Σ txts we hav kept Δe fulomen nam of Δe person if Δe oθor Δemself did so in Δe original, as Δei Σtims did in 4mal and/or profesional koreo.

We opted 4 a txt-onli 4mat as we isderik 2 alow Δe words 2 ϣowkase Δeir fulomen power, present Δe partikular madambenaviar / aveloskriva / komunikaϣon stils of eat͡s person & eat͡s era & we t͡sos 2 inklud al diferent liges as an indikaʃon of Δe esθetiks & funkϣons of multikulturalism in Δe 21st senturi. @ Δat point Δiotimans had eiΔer benavostrofes or usd softwar 2 komunikat wiθ individuals wen Δer wer no madambenaviarides who kud benavostrof on-sit. We wud propos Δat ğu tak Δe tim 2 engag wiθ Δe original txt bi swit͡siŋ of Δe benavostroftek 2 alow ğurselvs 2 experiens even Δe mer esθetiks of indaloϊs eat͡s person wrot, engag wiθ words long gon, & liges bareli usd statoutagiorna, be4 ğu revert 2 haviŋ a fulomen understandiŋ experiens θru benavostrofes / rendiʃon 2 ğur preferd liges. We invit ğu 2 b patient wiθ ridin Δe liges of our ansestors & tak Δe tim ğu ned 2 familiaris ğurself wiθ it as Δei wud b if Δei red our txts in Δeir tim; it is a bit of ergodik litrat͡sur if ğu lik. We hav provided a lexikon of Δe varius terms in Medliϣ @ Δe end of Δe buk 2 help wiθ terms from Δe post-moderniti, Δe post-Afektism, & Δe earli Kar Era Δat folowed. We decided 2 kep the dialekts of et͡s oθor & so Σ of Δe txts r in Norθern Medliš (influensd by Slavik varietis) and Σ in Souθern Medliϣ (influensd by Turkik, Arabik, & Koptik varietis).

Δe erli ğears koverd Δamè inkluded handaveloskriva (tipikali blu or blak pen or pensil on whit wud-pulp paper). Veri few items of Δat 4mat hav ben preservd. We hav inkluded a few sut͡s sampls Δamè. Filo, Δei wer so beautiful! We wer so θankful to hav Δem! Most of Δe materials indaloϊsever wer digital, digitisd or mikokognitisd wen we enkounterd Δem. We wud lik 2 mput-grats al Δos involvd in Δe prosesis nesesari 2 kar 4 Δem & maintain Δem wit͡s is indabu ultimateli mad Δem availabl 2 us statoutagiorna. 2 make Δe buk axesibl @ Δe sam tim we opted 4 varius multisensori verʃions Δat kan be red, listend 2, or downloaded 2 konʃiusnes dependiŋ on Δe persons preferens.  


Wiθ lov & suport,

Δe editors of Δis volum, 

April 14, 13009HE